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Steam Spa Fog Free Bathroom Steam Spa Wide Mirror MIR02


Retail Price:  $715.94

Shipping:   $76.78

Usually ships within 3 business days. May take longer if out of stock, please inquire. Curbside Delivery.

Brand: Steam Spa
Series: Fog Free Frameless Mirror
UPC: 848308005675
Width: 35.4
Length: 3.25
Height: 27.6

Quantity:  Total: 
  • Lighting around magnifying surface
  • Easy to access on/off switch
  • Open, frameless design matches with any style of bathroom and décor
  • Fog resistant system keeps the surface from fogging
  • Fluorescent lights perfectly situated for even, consistent lighting
  • 3x Magnifying surface
  • Not intended to be used inside shower or in a sauna
  • Fog resistance limited to regular mirror surface; outside magnifying surface
  • Simple, straight forward installation and operation
  • 35.4 in. W x 27.6 in. H x 2 in. Relief
Luxury comes in many forms but with an Arista Décor Mirror it comes in the form of a high quality, highly reflective bathroom mirror equipped with the essential features to make the daily bathroom routine as stress free as possible. Our Arista Mirror provides a slick, highly reflective silvered mirror surface displaying every detail in vividly stunning crystal clarity. The quality of the reflected image is further enhanced by a 3x magnifying surface. Adding to this are perfectly situated flourescent lights for consistently even lighting that is powerful enough to illuminate everything you want to see yet soft enough as to not bother the eyes. Even lighting has always been the key to flawless make-up application and the Arista Mirror provides such expert lighting in one elegant package. All that is required is the flip of a switch. However, while most mirrors are rendered useless due to fogging Arista’s mirrors feature an anti-fog heating system preserving the crystal clarity after any steamy shower or hot tub soak. Best of all the simple minimalist design of the mirror an easy match with any style of bathroom décor. Arista Décor Mirrors represent the convenience and elegance that only a high quality luxury mirror can provide.

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Brand: Steam Spa Series: Fog Free Frameless Mirror

Brand: Steam Spa Series: Fog Free Frameless Mirror

Brand: Steam Spa Series: Fog Free Frameless Mirror

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