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Gotta be Concrete Flooring? Doesn’t Have to Look Like It.

Concrete can be great if you give it a chance, and a little design attention when you’re building or remodeling. Concrete overlays, stamp overlays, acid staining, stenciling, and sandblasting can even smooth out and shape up existing concrete. Continue reading

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Cabana, Garden Room, or Conservatory? Build Outside and Enjoy the Pretty.

Cabanas, saunas, conservatories, and garden rooms are all great outdoor spaces to enjoy your garden or landscape. If you have nice weather, even for part of the year, it’s a nice addition to your property. Who wouldn’t want a tropical paradise spot to relax outdoors? See post for building comparisons and garden decor tips. Continue reading

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Sleek and Plush Animal Furniture: for a Modern Home, not the Barn

Animal furniture is the best possible way to make a typical house into a menagerie, without it getting dirty or smelling funny. Get some bird lamps, turtle ottomans, or even a bird bed. Continue reading

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More than Cornucopias and Traced Hand Turkeys: Thanksgiving Table Setting Crafts

Thanksgiving table settings tend to all look the safe. These Thanksgiving crafts for kids and big kids all put a spin on the usual candle and cornucopia. Little touches can really accent your main dishes and personalize what you’re thankful for. Continue reading

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Wall Stencils Granny Wouldn’t Choose

Use wall stencils the next time you paint a room. They’re fun for artsy folks to make, and it’s getting much easier to find ones worth buying. Continue reading

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Accent Walls: Start with Paint or Let Loose

Accent walls are an easy way to make a room stare-worthy. Paint, wallpaper, murals, wood, stone, and creative 3D materials all make great materials for accent walls. Continue reading

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Fabulous Faucets and Spectacular Spigots

Fabulous Faucets and Spectacular Spigots. Read about the latest in faucet design, from the basin mixer to the kitchen sink. Continue reading

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Whimsical Bathroom Urinals a Funny Fixture

Funny bathroom urinals show how little attention we pay to the fixtures in our bathroom. Maybe flower urinals aren’t right for everyone, but they seem to be right for someone. Continue reading

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A Whole House of Glass Furniture

Any kind of furniture now comes as glass furniture, from glass beds to glass TV stands to mosaic glass tile on every other surface. It’s a contemporary trend worth looking into (or through) in every room. Continue reading

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Tis the Beginning of the Season for Gravy Boats

With Thanksgiving sneaking up, it’s the beginning of the season for gravy boats and holiday dinnerware. Shop now and enjoy the turkey nap later. Continue reading

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