Sinks and Faucets Shopping Guide, Perfect for French Country Kitchen Design

I came up with quite a shopping list while dreaming about remodeling a French Country kitchen! For the first installment, I found the most traditional, elegant, yet functional sinks and faucets to outfit your new kitchen. My next post will guide you to some of the best backsplashes, countertops, floor tile, and hardwood flooring. Which doesn’t even cover lighting and appliances yet! Follow along, and if you can keep up your remodeling with your reading, I’ll be majorly impressed.

Old World- Inspired Kitchen Sinks

You may not get the glamour of Versailles when you’re up to your elbows in dirty dishes, but I found several kitchen sinks for you to admire from a few steps back. French Country design and other Old World styles are based around simple lines and colors, with a few really charming accents to make the room glow. These patterned, mosaic, and deep porcelain sinks will certainly show off your kitchen.

Kohler Savanyo design on Alcott undercounter kitchen sink

Beautiful Kohler Undercover Kitchen Sink

Isn’t this Kohler Savanyo design gorgeous? It will draw your guests’ eyes imediately to the floral pattern.

Kohler Design Tile Kitchen Sink

Kohler Design Tile Kitchen Sink

This Kohler Gathering design is more colorful than a typical French Country design accent, which that means it will pop visually.

Rohl Shaws Two Bowl Apron Sink

Rohl Two Bowl Apron Sink

A simple, white, luxuriously large and deep kitchen sink like this Rohl Shaws Two Bowl Fireclay Apron Sink feels perfectly European.

Franke Double Bowl Ceramic Sinks

Franke Double Bowl Ceramic Sinks

Spoil your kitchen with this extra deep Franke Double Bowl Ceramic Sink. You won’t regret the double bowl, either, for keeping everything separate.

Kohler Self-Rimming Sink

Another understated classic is this Kohler Gimlet self rimming entertainment or bar sink. Practically, it helps thwart leaks, and stylistically, it draws attention to your countertops.

Blanco Bar Sink

Simply Elegant Blanco Bar Sink

The clean, slightly curved lines of this Blanco Blancodiamond Bar Sink Kitchen Sink mimic fine old architecture.

Elegant Traditional Faucets

As important as the broad porcelain or tiled sinks are the elegant kitchen faucets that arch above them in French Country design. Choose faded metal colors and soft lines for the most traditional kitchen design.

Elements of Design Bronze and Porcelain Faucet

Antique Look Bronze and Porcelain Faucet

The procelain detailing will complement any of the sinks above, and the dark bronze finish is a stunning contrast. Which sis design speak for: I really like this Elements of Design Mono Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet.

De Dion Wooden and Weathered Copper Faucet

Antique Wooden and Weathered Copper Faucet

To really go for the antique look, you can’t do better than this Herbeau Wooden Handles Weathered Copper De Dion Wall Mounted Single Lever Faucet. At first glance I thought it was a prototype telephone.

Herbeau Wooden Handles Weathered Copper De Dion Deck Mounted Single Lever Faucet

Deck Mounted Single Lever Weathered Faucet Version

This deck mounted version of the Herbeau Single Lever Faucet has the same weathered wood handles, beautiful copper, and antique silhouette. If you like this look, then you’ll like other products in the line from Herbeau kitchen faucets.

Moen Showhouse Kitchen Faucets

Moen Showhouse Kitchen Faucets

For a few more options and faucet do-hickeys, try the Moen Showhouse Waterhill Two Handle Kitchen Faucet.

Price Pfister 4 hole Kitchen Faucet

Price Pfister 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet

This similar Price Pfister Amherst Kitchen Faucet uses its shape and subtle two tone coloring to get its well-deserved attention.

Kohler Antique Sink Faucet

Kohler Antique Sink Faucet

If you prefer stainless, or have to match it, make sure to go for traditional faucet shape to keep it looking a French Country kitchen. This single control model by Kohler shows you how.

Delta Victorian Two Metal Handle Bar

Delta Victorian Two Metal Handle Bar Faucet

Double handled faucets like this Delta Victorian Two Bar Faucet look older and more sophisticated than a single knob. Definitely looks more Old World than faucets a sprayer, though darn those are handy.

Kohler Hirise Wall Mount Kitchen Pot Filller

Kohler HiRise Wall Mount Kitchen Pot Filller

If you need that extra convenience of getting water into a big container, there is always the Kohler HiRise Wall Mount Kitchen Pot Filler. It might not get into small crevices like a sprayer does, but it’s great for chunky pots or high volume. It also seems like an old-fashioned luxury to me.

With these subtle, lovely sinks and graceful faucets arching above them, you’ll be well on your way to an elegant French Country kitchen. And clean hands.

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