Skis and Home Decor? Why Yes!

My Dad likes to tell a story in which he and his son, my brother, were on a camping trip somewhere out west and happened to go to a restaurant that was decorated with old skis. It was summer, and they both stood there in their shorts, admiring the wall of wooden skis with strap-on bindings criss-crossing the wall. Eventually, my brother turned to my dad and said something to the effect of how old and crazy the skis looked and my dad turned back to my brother and told him he used to ski on a pair just like them.
Well, it’s officially ski season and I’ve been admiring similar walls of ski relics at resorts; the ones from the ’30s look like long pencils whittled flat, the ones from the ’50s begin to have a semblance of a binding system that doesn’t involve exclusively ropes and a dash of hope, and the ones from the ’80s shine bright and threatening on the wall, binding systems like Terminators and colors likely to inspire epilepsy in the unprepared. The resorts like to display the antique skis as cute memorabilia and use their piles of newer yet unusable skis as fodder for furniture. I’ve been seeing these for years, but this time I thought, why not MY mountain house? Well, mostly because I don’t have one. But, why not YOUR mountain house?
Here are some ideas to put your old ski equipment to use in your home decor. You’ll need some old skis and probably some basic tools to mount and/or assemble these properly. And you can enhance the ski theme with other ski themed pieces like this ski pillow, ski tapestry, ski coat rack, and  ski wine rack.

Antique Ski Shelf

Ski Castle!! Or Ski Fort?!

Ski Wine Rack

Ski Chair

Antique Ski Coat Rack

Ski Gun Rack

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