The French Country Kitchen Shopping Guide Gets you Mosaic Tile, Granite Countertops, and Flooring

Are the French Country design shopping guides going to keep coming? Do they speak French…and German and Basque… in France? Probably. See my original inspiration post on the design style for tips on how to make it yours, and snag the perfect French Country design sinks and faucets I unburied yesterday. They’ll look great between these mosaic tile backsplashes, granite countertops, and flooring.


You don’t want a little water to destroy your beautiful French Country kitchen. Or your walls in general, when you can protect them while making them look Old World wonderful.

Rustic Sandstone Mosaic

Take a step in the countryside with rustic mosaic tile

Wouldn’t your kitchen look lovely wearing a little of this Original Style Rustic Sandstone Mosaic Tile ? You don’t have to do any of the piecing.

Original Style Mosaic Backsplash

Hundreds of tiny beautiful mosaic tiles for your backsplash

The backsplash is the place to work in some bolder colors and textures. This Original Style Gold Fleck Mosaic will stand right out from all the neutrals.

Maestro Marble Mosaics

Marble mosaic elegance in many colors

Draw in all your colors, neutrals and mosaics, with the traditional elegance of Maestro Mosaics Marble Tile. Sounds musically beautiful.

American Olean Tumbled Stone Mosaic

Subtle variation stone mosaic

This American Olean Tumbled Stone Mosaic Azteca Blend works best with other stone pieces in the kitchen. A very different texture. Older, rougher.

Questech Dorset Decoratives Tile

Absolutely regal decorative tile centerpiece

You don’t want a whole wall of these (do you, style fanatic?), but I’d sure like a few. For the most European look, get just one Questech Dorset Decoratives Travertine Fiddlehead Mural and surround it with a few distinct varieties of stone tile.

Best of the Country Countertops

Countertops don’t just stabilize your dishes and cutting boards, they ground your kitchen style. Any traditional scheme (like French Country design, of course) will benefit from the smooth sheen and unique flecks of granite. Each one is customized for you by Mother Earth.

Giallo Ornamental Granite Countertop

A steely grey granite to glow against cool tone neutrals

Pick a granite with several neutral colors in it and you can always repaint. This Giallo Ornamental Granite Countertop is best for cool tones.
BiancoGita Granite

Glitters enough to be real design gold

If this Bianco Gita Granite doesn’t distract from any crumbs left on your countertop, I don’t know what will. An earthquake, maybe.
Ubatuba Granite

Dark granite countertop for dark wood cabinets

As durable and fine as it is to pronounce, go for Ubatuba granite if you use dark woods or accent colors.
Topazio White Granite Countertop

White but not shy granite countertop

I don’t have anything witty or wise to say about this Topazio White Granite . It would look just as good in a dark or light kitchen.
Canadian Kodiak Granite Countertop

All the neutral tones you could fit in one kitchen

There’s a little more detph and color definition in this Kodiak granite that makes it seem earthy to me.
Giallo Fiorito Granite Countertop

Popular warm tone granite countertop

Go for Giallo Fiorito Granite if you use red or terra cotta accent colors. Which comes highly recommended, for a bolder French Country design.
Floor Tiles
Tile fun isn’t just for your backsplashes. More durable tile works and lasts as well on the floor. You’ll have to drop things to draw guests’ attention to it.
Questech Dorset Floor Accent

Floor tile that looks more like a family crest

This regal floor tile comes with a name as long as its lineage: Questech Dorset Floor Accents Travertine Essex Dot Tile Stone.

Mohawk Borghesi Floor Tile

A soft wash of color in a strong tile

Not every floor tile can be the accent piece, but not every tile is as nice as the Mohawk Borghesi Floor Wall 6 X 6 Dorato Tile, either. Do the walls in it, too? (No.)

Megatrade Noce Dark Beige Floor Tile

Darker and smokier floor tile for a little kitchen mystery

To bring out darker tones and shadows, or just to hide that dirt, use Megatrade Corp Alviano Floor Tile 13 X 13 Noce Dark Beige Tile.

Wood Flooring

If you still have energy after picking out your cabinets to try and match a wood floor to them, it can really bring out the country in your French Country kitchen. I picked a few with color variation to give you more leeway and look antique.

Bruce Northshore Park Flooring

Simple warm toned flooring with prominent grain

For a basic wood flooring look, you want Bruce Northshore Plank 3 Vintage Brown Hardwood Flooring.

Columbia Amelia Ash Wood Flooring

Ash wood flooring that revels in minor imperfections

This flooring is perfect without pretending to be. Columbia Amelia Hand Sculpted Solid 5 Bridle Ash Hardwood Flooring is wood with history and attitude.

BR 111 Exotic Brazilian Teak Flooring

Exotic Teak flooring flaunts its color and texture range

Br111 Solid Exotic 3 4 X 3 Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring gives a smoother, trendier look.

Bruce American Originals Hickory Flooring

"Traditional hickory" is a new and surprising wood pattern to me

For proof that history never really repeats itself, though it sometimes looks like it, it’s Bruce American Originals Hickory 5 Antique Natural Hardwood Flooring. Not buying the metaphor? Well, there’s still the wood.

Mullican Ridgecrest White Oak Flooring

White oak flooring for the traditionalist

Since I’m trying to sell you on a traditional style, it makes sense to have some traditional looks, eh? Here, have some Mullican Ridgecrest 3 White Oak Gunstock Hardwood Flooring. I like the showier looks, but this lets you put the focus elsewhere.

Columbia Beacon Oak Flooring

Soft wash oak flooring

Compromise? There’s a something for everyone in this typical grain pattern with artsy colors, called Columbia Beacon Oak 3 Barrel Oak Hardwood Flooring.

There. You’re covered from floor to backsplash. That’s 3/4 of the way to your French Country kitchen or other traditional style room. Live in it, love it.

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