Valentines Day Gifts for Him to Drool Over

A lot of the Valentines Day pressure falls on the wonderful male half of the population. Men ought to be just as admired and spoiled on the day celebrating love. Especially if they’re making all the plans, they should get some token of appreciation, too.

In my recent search for the perfect Valentines Day gift ideas for her, I focused on the oldies but goodies. Classic gifts that still have the ability to melt her heart. The same rule applies here- there’s no reason not to give, say cuff links, if they are nice quality ones that will look handsome on your special fella. Keep reading for my best picks of Valentines Day gift ideas for him: charming man-cessories, strapping belts, survival man gear, and basic tools.


Keiko Kinetic Watch

Rough enough for him. Pretty enough to borrow and wear.

You like a man who’s on time, successful, and who looks good, so pick him out a stylish watch. This Seiko Kinetic Chronograph watch will help him power through work, play, and even workouts. Gift ideas for him or for everyone?

personalized cuff links

Swanky and pretty useful, too.

These classic silver personalized cuff links are a perfect man-cessory to decorate his wardrobe in a masculine way. I almost expect a smoking jacket, a newspaper, and leather slippers to go with it. What a Valentines Day.

personalized tie clip

Stylish, personalized tie clip.

Pair the cuff links with a personalized tie clip, and if he ever gets lost, they’ll know who he is for you to come claim him.

Blue Royal Crystal cuff links

Bold bling.

If that’s too much with the initials, or you don’t know his initials (sounds like trouble!), there’s a wide range of designs. These Blue Royal Crystal Cuff Links are a unique design in a good color for lots of men to wear.

Orange Enamel Tracery Cuff Links

A little sleeve art.

Orange may be a less common color, but the pattern on these enamel cuff links is so striking that it’s worth buying a shirt to match, or wearing neutrals. Just avoid any instinct to pull out the old 70s retro suits. That’s too much burnt pumpkin orange for any complexion…or profession.

James Bond Sunglasses

Secret agent cool look.

One offbeat impulse to roll with is this pair of James Bond 007 sunglasses. The secret agent never looked better than your guy in these, or at least that’s your story.

Strapping Belts

Cole Haan Leather Belt

Classic basics. Nice leather belt.

A good belt is an important staple, unless you’re a fan of the gangster pants-dragging look, and even they sometimes wear a belt at about ankle level. This casual dress belt from Cole Haan works for nearly every occasion. It comes in suede and smooth leather, both of which are soft enough you’ll forgive your guy for wearing it with everything, even black tuxedo pants.

Patagonia Leather Belt

Something nice to wrap around him, other than your arms.

Few items yell out rugged like this 100% leather Patagonia belt with a unique mountain design on the buckle. Without looking like your partner came out of a cowboy movie and is about to call somebody pardner.

Survival Man Gear

Swarovski Swarovision Binoculars

With these binoculars, he'll be able to see anything, anywhere.

For the more intrepid members of the male species, consider these intense Swarovski Swarovision binoculars. They are waterproof, submersible, fogproof, and have amazing lenses for image clarity.

Swiss Army Swisstool Spirit Knife

A tool that does it all at once, and fits in your pocket.

Tough guy isn’t just an expression. It’s a lifestyle. And your tough guy needs tools. To do stuff. And fix stuff. The Swiss army Swisstool Spirit Knife is that multi-tool.

Swiss Army Rescue Tool

Gifts for him that are good for you, too.

The Swiss Army Rescue Tool is a practical next step toward bad-assery. He may never use the disc saw for shatterproof glass, but he’ll feel like a superhero knowing that he could. And with this Swiss Army knife in his gear, you can feel safe that he’ll be able to get out of any kind of trouble he can get into.

Basic Tools

Parker GT Fountain Pen

The pen is mightier than the sword, and better for business meetings.

Not every man roams the wild. Some of them work respectable office jobs, and most of them need to write out notes and to do lists. Help a man out with a good, dependable pen like the Parker Sonnet GT Fountain Pen.

Travel Cigar Humidor

Not entirely sure what it does, other than humidor your cigars.

Sometimes a businessman just needs a travel cigar humidor. I don’t ask questions, especially if it makes my sweetie look like a classic film heartthrob.

Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor

Looks good on a desk and keep cigars from laying around.

Heck, he can even keep another humidor in the bedroom if it looks as sophisticated as this Glass Top Humidor with Spanish Cedar Appointments.

XM Radio

Sports, music, and news. All in hand.

Working or playing, it’s nice to have an XM radio. Especially in the suburbs and rural spots where the three radio stations can get really tiresome. (May I never again live where the only radio station plays Christmas music constantly for two months.) If he already has the XM radio, and you know what kind, think about a dock play home kit, headphones with antenna built-in for better reception, or a carrying case. It’s always fun to get accessories bundled with new electronics.

Hope I made your search for the perfect Valentines Day gift idea for him faster and easier, so you can jump right to the lovin’ part of the holiday.

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