What to Get Her for Valentine’s Day: Swarovski Heart Jewelry or Something Smoking Hot?

 I hope, for everyone’s sake, that your Valentine isn’t thinking about how much bling you’re going to get her. Despite the bad rap Valentines Day gets for being commercial, well-chosen Valentines Day gifts can show your attention, affection, and commitment. You don’t even have to stray far from the stereotypical heart jewelry, lingerie, fine chocolates, and massages to do it. These kinds of Valentines Day gift ideas have become so traditional to the holiday that they can be kind of sweet. They are also four nice things for a girl to have, and four things she isn’t likely to pamper herself with. The key is picking the right one, and not skimping on it.

Hot Heart Bling

From all perspectives, I’m in favor of the jewelry idea. It makes a girl feel pretty without having to be sexual, so it works for all kinds and stages of relationships. It is a physical, long-lasting sign of your connection to her. And a good kickback for the jewelry buyer is that your love is likely to wear it frequently and think of you every time. So when she gets compliments on it, and gushes to her friends that it’s from you, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Because it’s an obvious choice, though, it doesn’t hurt to think about the specific kind of jewelry to give. What does she wear? What colors and styles does she like? And go for nice jewelry, like Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski heart pendant

A simple way to give her your heart

Would she wear the basic heart pendant, or should you go for something more unique? This one is a good basic.

Swarovski heart earrings

A subtle sparkle for her ears

I haven’t seen any heart jewelry more charming than these sweet heart earrings. Subtly feminine.

crystal heart charm

Wear your heart on your sleeve or anywhere else

This unique heart charm can go anywhere, even if she doesn’t wear traditional jewelry.

Swarovski Crystal Impression Jewlery Set

Coordinating, graceful dangles of crystals

A word about matching jewelry sets. It can be classy and convenient to have matching earrings and a necklace. But if they’re both covered in hearts, that’s probably too much. That’s what makes this Impression set a great choice: it’s striking and feminine without being so girly it hurts.

Swarovski watch

It's always time to think of your honey

General rule: there are few gifts less sexy than watches. A lot of us also want to pick out such a major accessory for ourselves. But this Swarovski crystal watch laughs (I would have said sparkles if it weren’t for the Twilight thing) in the face of that rule. It’s pretty fab, and it’s an especially good option for those of you who have a track record of giving lingerie. Diversify, and show that sensitive side.

Something Hot to Slip Into

Now did someone just say lingerie? Because I actually don’t think that’s a terrible idea. If you are pretty sure that your girl likes slinky nightwear, and it isn’t your not-so-subtle way of trying to amp up a relationship, then get her something that will make her feel pretty.

babydoll valentines day lingerie

Sassy but sleepable, so she'll love wearing it to bed

The basic is a flirty nightie. Try for something she might wear without you.

Strapless Corset

The good kind of breathless

A corset is unexpected fun for Valentines Day lingerie.

tanga underwear

Valentines Day lingerie down to the little pink bow

For a bold move, get cute undies you’ll both like to look at. But don’t get the wrong size or something too wild/tame!

Hot Chocolates

I’ve seen more women hoard chocolate than reward their lovers for giving it, but then I try to disappear when couples start handing each other aphrodisiacs. Fine chocolates make a safe, sweet, indulgent gift that most women will enjoy. The fancier, and yummier, the better.

Valentines Chocolates

Heart-shaped fruit, heart sprinkles, red icing

These chocolate covered strawberries, for example, are adorably delicious. And half healthy, right?

A Hot Massage

Massages are another Valentines Day gift that keeps on giving. If you give spa and massage gifts, you’ll have the perfect tool to relax away her stress. Even if the stress occasionally comes from something what you did, she’ll be happy and grateful to have it taken off her shoulders.

The promise to pamper her with nice smelling things

Of course, a romance gift basket only works if you use the goodies for her. Think you can handle that?

For mega bonus points with any of these, give her a note or a little story of why you picked it for her. Put some heart into it!

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