You Shouldn’t Need a Clever Title to Want Antler Chandeliers. Want Them.

You need good lighting to show off your home decor, but it can also be part of your home decor. If you choose a fashionable lamp (or even chandelier!), it does double design duty. Few times is this more obvious than with antler chandeliers, which are right at home in rustic home decor and add unique flair to more contemporary homes.

It makes me think a little bit about the Oregon Trail, when people were more likely to use all the parts of the animals they needed to hunt for food. Rustic lighting or bust!


There's no more rustic lighting than an antler chandelier.

Are you with me yet? Look at the awesome that happens when rustic lighting and contemporary design make babies. In fact, why stop at rustic lighting with antlers when you can put them all over the wall?

White Antler Decorations by Design within Reach

Subtler but still powerful in monocolor.

The contrast will really show when you light the chandelier. That is the point, after all.

Miller Studio Antler Lighting

Looks just as great after dark, right?

(See more photos of this design working in a real room by Jason Miller at Miller Studios.)

If you have any qualms about animal rights, hunting trophies, or just prefer not to hang things in your house that used to be alive, there is always the faux antler option. Wood, metals, and synthetic substances can all give the same effect if they use the basic antler shape. The one above, by Miller Studios, is made of ceramic and small, 25 watt bulbs. But rest assured that many of the antlers used in these designs were simply shed by male deer at the end of courtship and mating season.


Ever seen a light-up moose? Elk? Deer?

Now I’m trying to imagine the guy who has the job of collecting shed antlers. Look how many it takes for the boldest antler chandeliers!

Faux Antler Chandelier

Faux antlers, friendly to the animals it (didn't) come from

Faux chandeliers are also an opportunity to make subtler versions, chandeliers that mimic antler shape without shifting out of your design comfort zone.

Vladimir Usoltsev_ClassicRedAntlerChandelier

Painting it red makes for a more hip antler chandelier.

This red antler chandelier, and the more abstract leafy one below, show the trendy fun that comes with contemporary lighting. Thanks to designer Vladimir Usoltsev for helping out those with less taste for rustic decor.

Vladimir Usoltsev Antler Chandelier with leaves

Flexible design

So where can you get the look, outside of design studios and home decor magazines? Right here, of course.


More traditional lighting antler chandelier with shades

The traditional lamp shades make this a more neutral starting piece for your collection. Get it here.

Unique Pendant Antler Lamp

The pretty version of antler lighting

This unique pendant lamp is another example of subtly rustic lighting. It has the feel of the country without even hinting at a deer lodge.

Really rustic lighting sold at Nova Lighting

Look, mom, I hunted and sewed it myself!

An antler wall sconce that looks hand-woven from leather. Perfect for the cabin or man cave.

Glass Bowl Antler Lamp

Classy, and not too pricey, option

I personally like the look of this antler lamp. The glass bowl is a good shape complement to the branching of the antlers.

Antler Base Table Lamp

Antlers can make a sturdy lamp base, too.

This base-focused lamp look is another of my favorites. Seems like designers won’t run out of different ways to use antlers in lighting for awhile.

Rustic log antler lamp

Really brings the woods into the house

Case in point. Did you expect a log, antler, and fancy lampshade pairing? It exists, and it can be yours.

Faux Antler Chandelier

Are those antlers or just antler-like flourishes?

Finally, if you’ve made a two antlers per room style law and don’t want to go overboard, consider this simple faux antler lamp.

And if you like the idea but just don’t have the space for it, see my post about adjustable lamps for compact living. You can also read it if you don’t like antler chandeliers at all, without hurting my feelings. I get that not everyone is from Michigan and Wyoming.

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