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Time for BBG: Best Barbeque Grills!

Sometimes a Weber BBQ or George Foreman grill aren’t the answer. But then again sometimes they are. Get ready for barbeque season with the best bbq grills. Continue reading

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Outdoor Barbeque Grill Guide: How Do you Choose Between an Electric Grill, Charcoal Grill, Gas Grill, Hibachi Grill, and Smoker When They All Say “Grill”?

Barbeque doesn’t taste complicated, but choosing the right bbq grill can be. Let us do some of the leg work for you so you can get to the bbq ribs part. Continue reading

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Old World Kitchen Sinks and Faucets Shopping Guide and Products Overview

Fit up your antique kitchen with the best Old World design kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets. These fixtures are kitchen design with traditional elegance. Continue reading

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Build and Conquer (Your Kitchen Remodeling) with Old World Kitchen Design Ideas

An Old World kitchen is a new trend in kitchen design. A trend that we’re betting will stick around as long as your granite countertops and fine tile backsplashes. Read on for more kitchen design ideas to work European elegance into your house! Continue reading

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Perfect Espresso Coffee- How to Make a Great Cup and What to Look for in a Coffee Maker

Good coffee isn’t a mystery. It’s espresso, from these top of the line espresso machines we’ve hunted down and read all the reviews for. Come meet the best coffee makers and get your hands on a cup of home-brewed espresso coffee! Continue reading

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Ceiling Design, A Lot More Than Lighting (But That, Too)

Start thinking about ceiling design. It’s more than ceiling lights and ceiling tiles. It’s…well, read. Continue reading

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Ceramic Tile, Mosaic Tile, and Murals: Inspiring Kitchen Backsplash Design

Kitchen backsplash design can be a lot more than traditional ceramic tile or glittery pop mosaic tile. These inspiring kitchen backsplash ideas cover that and more…your kitchen wall. Continue reading

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Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash Design Made Easy

Picking a kitchen backsplash can be a…splash…even if installing it by yourself isn’t. This overview of kitchen backsplash design and pros and cons for kitchen backsplash materials is a great start. From stainless steel to mosaic tile, read about it here before you get grouting. Continue reading

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Hot Pink Bedrooms, Not for Sleep

If you’re shy about going for a pink room, these inspiration rooms and pink room ideas will change your mind. Sure, they’re girly, but don’t people like girly? What about romantic? Continue reading

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Valentines Day Crafts = Valentines Day Decorations

Get your hands going, but not too gluey, with these Valentines Day crafts that make great Valentines Day decor. No hiding these crafts in the closet! At least until you’ve used your decorations for Valentines Day ambiance. Continue reading

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