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Bikini Clad Chemists: How to Love and Maintain Your Above Ground Pool

If you’re thinking about getting a pool, but waited too late in the season to break ground, or aren’t sure if a large body of water is exactly what your back yard needs, an above ground pool is a great way to satisfy your needs. Affordable, portable, and (if you need it) collapsible, an above ground swimming pool is a great way to get your summer soak – and we’ve got advice to help you keep your pool Caribbean blue. Continue reading

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Paint and Paste: Murals to Defeat The Dreaded White Wall

Whether you’re a Picasso or a Pi-who?-so? you can turn any room in your home into a work of art. With pre-pasted wallpaper mural kids and do-it-yourself stencil kits, you can piece together a style to warm up and personalize your home in as little as an afternoon of work. And if you like to think big, commissioned mural artists can transform any room into a fairy land of your own design. Continue reading

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Fun (Without!) The Sun: Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Whether you choose an open fire pit, a closed chiminea stove style fireplace, or a traditional fireplace for the out-of-doors, a new fireplace can really light up the night, allowing for longer, later backyard fetes and a longer season to spend outside. And since models are available in natural gas, gas gel, and wood burning varieties, no matter your preference or your available space size, it isn’t hard to fit a new outdoor fireplace to the size and space you have available, or your existing decor. Continue reading

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Outdoor Storage Tips: Stowing In Plain Sight

Whether you’re an avid gardener, a back yard entertainer, or if you just like to keep your lawn in line with neighborhood codes, maintaining a yard – front or back – takes a lot of work, and a lot of tools. But storing your garden toys outside doesn’t have to be an eyesore. In fact, there are plenty of outdoor storage options that are both functional and fun to look at. Continue reading

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Alternative Spa Break – A Look At Indoor Hot Tubs

Indoor spas make for an excellent luxury addition to a home. Though somewhat more costly than conventional outdoor hot tubs, indoor jacuzzis can be used both socially and privately, for soaking or bathing, in a private and tranquil environment away from the elements and peeping neighbors. And if you have the money, you sure can build a nice looking bathroom. See how! Continue reading

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Hot Tub Decor and Design Ideas

Here are examples of hidden spa getaways to inspire you in decorating your hot tub addition. Continue reading

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Secrets of the Bonsai Tree

The bonsai tree has captivated horticultural efforts for thousands of years. These ornamental house plants are the products of art and science, filling out into complex shapes. They bring tranquility to busy offices, and turn home gardens into exotic destinations. … Continue reading

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Building a Perfect Roof Deck

Design and decoration tips for a roof deck project will both inspire and help you select the best products. Continue reading

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Whimsical Landscape Lighting Decor to Step into a Fairytale

Landscape lighting is a good, practical idea so you don’t trip over anything. But it’s also a chance to decorate with wild abandon, because with outdoor living spaces, it’s supposed to be a magical escape. These lamps offer the landscape lighting you need and the whimsy that’ll get you out there to enjoy it. Continue reading

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The Leak on Teak Furniture

Find out whether or not teak furniture will satisfy your needs in decorating a home or a patio. The material works great for the outdoors, but some routine maintenance is required. Find out just how much effort goes into having beautiful teak wood furniture and where to find the most stunning ensembles. Continue reading

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