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A New Way To Sit… For Your Health? Why To Upgrade To A Balance Ball Chair

We’re learning more every day about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, and recently we’ve found that it doesn’t just apply to after hours, but your work day as well. Even if you get recommended amounts of exercise, if you spend all day sitting, you’re putting your health at risk. A balance ball chair is a great way to keep your body working even when you’re sitting still, and can help cancel out many of the negative effects of sitting…without making you quit your day job. Continue reading

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Solar Powered Landscape Lighting: A Better Way To Brighten Your Back Yard

Landscape lighting is expensive, and can be a huge pain in your wallet to install. But having the right lights on your home can do wonders for its exterior ambiance, and is great for back yard entertaining. So what’s a budget conscious homeowner to do? Consider solar landscape lighting as an alternative (or an improvement!) – easy to install and cost-free to maintain, solar powered outdoor lights are the answer to your budget woes – and will light up your stay-at-home nights. Continue reading

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Keep Your Back Yard Safe And Save A Buck Doing It: Why To Choose Solar Path Lighting

Having adequate lighting in your back yard not only enhances the appearance of your home and the ambiance of your patio, but is essential to keeping you and your family and guests safe. But installing solar path lighting rather than a traditional electric lights can save you a ton of money in the short and long run, for a lot of reasons, delivering the same result with a lot less hassle. Continue reading

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Add A Little Magic To Your Back Yard With These Whimsical Garden Statues

If you’re looking to create a fairy tale back yard, you need the cast to populate it. From lawn gnomes to gargoyles to anthropomorphic frogs, whimsical, fantasy statues can give you a glimpse into another world – or just start a conversation in your own! Continue reading

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Light Up The Night (And Your Back Yard) With Whimsical Solar Statues

Full blown landscape lighting looks great, and can even increase the value of your home, but with high installation and maintenance costs, traditional outdoor lighting might not be your best option. Instead, solar lights – especially those installed into small garden statues – can go a long way to lighting your garden, as well as adding a delightful touch of whimsy, at a mere fraction of the startup cost, and without any maintenance expenses at all. Plus, they’re adorable! Continue reading

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Put It On A Pedestal: Vanities For Vessel Sinks

Finding the right vanity for your new vessel sink is important not only to help complete the style of your new bathroom remodel – and the right vanity really can make or break a renovation! – but also to make sure that your new art piece sink is functional, too. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to style, storage, and plumbing. Continue reading

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Fancy Spout For A Fancy Sink: Making Room In Your Budget For A Vessel Faucet

If you’re thinking about a bathroom renovation and have decided on a vessel sink, before you blow your budget on a new vanity and the sink itself, remember that finding the right faucet will be just as important in the final look – as well as crucial in ensuring the final functionality of the sink. So plan ahead, and don’t be afraid to splurge on a vessel faucet that will make your bathroom magical. Continue reading

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Get On Board With Vessel Sinks

If you’re looking to do a dramatic remodel to your bathroom, big or small, installing a vessel sink is a sure way to deliver a striking impression. Art pieces in and of themselves, vessel sinks are design features to build a bathroom remodel around – and make a relatively DIY friendly addition to your next bathroom renovation. Continue reading

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Five Fast Facelifts To Keep Your Home Looking Fresh Between Remodels

No money to remodel? No problem! Not every home improvement has to be a huge investment. In fact, some of the best and easiest changes you can make to keep your home looking like new are small ones – and we can help you figure out how to weather the tide until your next home improvement windfall! Continue reading

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Banish The Basket: A Better Way To Picnic

Picnicking is no longer dependent on awkward shaped, poorly balanced wicker baskets. In fact, there’s a whole revolution of lightweight, easy to carry picnic satchels, totes, and backpacks complete with lightweight gear and even a picnic blanket. Continue reading

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