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Great Gifts In Small Packages: Eight Great Compact Gifts For This Holiday Season

Stumped about what to get your nearest dearest this holiday season? These eight compact holiday gifts are sure to please almost anyone on your list. Continue reading

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Looking For A Last Minute Gift? Truly Unique Stocking Stuffers For Under $25

Looking for a last minute holiday gift? These eight unique stocking stuffers are all under $25, and are great for just about any taste. Continue reading

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Love A Good Waffle? How To Find The Right Waffle Iron To Please Your Palate

Do you love waffles, but only get to have them at your favorite Sunday brunch? If you’d eat ‘em at any hour of the night if you could, it might be time to invest in your very own waffle iron – it’s a small investment and has a small kitchen footprint, but every time you make one? It’ll feel like a big indulgence. Continue reading

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Have A Big Holiday Meal To Make? How Planning Ahead Can Make The Big Day Go Off Without A Hitch

Stressed about your big holiday dinner? Planning ahead can really help – and we’ve got a simple guide to soothing your frazzled nerves and get your food on the table (relatively) stress free. Continue reading

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Become A Wrap Star: Get Organized and Get Gifting With A Holiday Wrapping Station

Tired of losing track of your favorite spool of ribbon, or finding last year’s wrapping paper crunched and dusty? Building your very own winter wrapping workstation might be just the project to beat your mid-season blues. Continue reading

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High Tech Slow Cookers To Bring Your Kitchen Into The 21st Century

If you grew up thinking granny’s slow cooker was only good for potlucks, think again. Modern design changes make crock pots the ideal cooking vessel for just about any busy family – just add ingredients in the morning, set it, and come home to a hearty, healthy, home-cooked meal at the end of the day. Continue reading

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Sick Of Paying To Power Your Holiday Lights? Try Solar Ones Instead

If last year’s holiday electric bills threatened to turn you into a Scrooge, consider switching to solar instead of skipping the season. They’re reasonably priced, easy to install, totally free to maintain, and just as beautiful as last year’s setup! Continue reading

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