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Toaster Ovens: The Modern Hearth in Miniature

With a great selection of toasters, microwaves, and standard ovens at our disposal today, it’s easy to overlook the conveniences offered by the humble toaster oven. A good model can do so much more than toast great bread though. If space is at a premium or you just wish you had another half an oven on the holidays, one of these great toaster ovens may be everything you could ask for. Continue reading

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Great Valentines Day Dates For A Fun, Flirty Time On A Budget

Looking for a Valentine’s Day date that won’t break the bank? These fun and intimate date ideas will make you (and your valentine!) glad you were on a budget this year. Continue reading

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The Perfect Toaster for Perfect Toast

As with every other appliance on the market today, buying a toaster is no longer a simple affair. Today’s options offer everything from special bagel settings to digital countdowns, and they can even mark your bread with your favorite team’s logo. If you’re on the market for a toaster or you’re just sick of uneven browning, here’s everything you need to find the perfect toaster. Continue reading

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Gourmet Treats To Satisfy Your Valentine’s Sweet Tooth

If you’ve got a Valentine with a sweet tooth, but want to get a gift a little outside the box-of-chocolates, mail-order artisinal treats might just be the memorable Valentine’s day gift you’re looking for. From popular cupcakes and macarons to gourmet twists on old Valentine’s day staples, we’ve got just the gift to earn you that genuine happy-surprise face from your valentine. Continue reading

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Essential Computer Accessories

To get the most out of your computer, it’s important to get the right human interface devices and accessories for your individual needs. There’s a lot of variety out there – even for something as simple as a keyboard – so it’s helpful to know what options you have available to you. Here’s a handful of the most common computer accessories, from flash drives to printers. Continue reading

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Building Your Own PC for Fun and Profit

Everybody needs a computer in today’s world, but it can be hard to pick the perfect pre-assembled PC for you. If you’re curious, adventurous, and interested in saving some money, consider building your own. It’s easier than you might think! Continue reading

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Planning An International Trip? Ten Things To Remember To Bring

If you’re thinking about taking a big international trip, but have never been abroad, these ten things you might not know you need can add a little ease to your trip, and save you having to figure out the hard way all the things you should have brought! Continue reading

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HD Televisions Demystified

Buying a new television can be daunting – all those acronyms! It’s not hard to demystify even the most complex technical jargon, however. Learn the difference between plasma TVs and LCD TVs and why they’re better than your old CRT, and find out which is best for your needs. Continue reading

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Sick Of “Non Stick”? Why You Should Give Silicone A Chance

Tired of food sticking in your baking dishes, or just trying to find some more convenient cookware? Silicone might be your answer – flexible, light-weight, heat-proof, non-stick, and available in a rainbow of colors, silicone bakewear and utensils are hugely popular, and for a good reason. If you’ve never heard of it, or are nervous about making the switch, these are six things you need to know that might change your mind. Continue reading

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Eight Simple Steps To Keep Your Skin Happy And Healthy All Winter Long

Dry winter skin got you down? Even if you moisturize every day, there might be more you can do. These eight simple steps will keep your skin hydrated and your hands, face, and body soft, smooth, and beautiful, no matter how harsh the season. Continue reading

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