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Having Trouble Sleeping? Your Pillow Could Be The Problem – How To Pick The Right One For Your Sleep Habits

If you’re having trouble sleeping, waking up feeling unrested or with a sore neck or back, the problem might be as simple as your pillow. Read this quick guide to find out if your pillow’s ruining your shut-eye and what to do about it! Continue reading

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A Few Quick Tips To Make Your Small Space More Livable

Sometimes the small spaces in your home can seem hopeless: that one small room or cramped corner you just don’t know what to do with. But there are plenty of ways to visually expand your space without knocking out any walls. With just a few easy tweaks, you’ll find that “cozy” doesn’t have to be a euphemism. Continue reading

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Tuck In For A Long Winter’s Nap: Bedding To Give Your Room That Fall Feeling

When I start to feel the autumn chill in the air, I reach for my favorite set of flannel sheets. But upgrading to a warmer material isn’t the only thing you can do to prep your bedroom for the holiday season. A new bedspread and pillow set in some warm, harvest colors can really set the mood for your long winter’s nap. Continue reading

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Make Your Mattress Last: How To Keep Your Bed Clean, Comfy, And Bug Free

With all the scare tactics encouraging you to buy new mattresses more often, it can be hard to separate fact from gross-out factor. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your bed safe, clean, and comfortable in the long term. Continue reading

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Bunk Up: Bunk Beds To Help Ease Your Kids’ Room Growing Pains

It’s the age old problem: how to fit two growing kids in one room. The easy answer is bunk beds, but you can do better than two beds stacked on top of each other, and probably should! Here we’ll discuss ways to customize your bunks to maximize the space in your kids’ room and minimize the inevitable sibling rivalries. Continue reading

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Bunk Up: Space Saving, Multi-Function Bunk Beds (For Grownups Too!)

If you’re short on bedroom space, but can afford to have a smaller sized bed for yourself or your kid, one of the best ways to minimize your furniture footprint while maximizing usable space is to loft. I’m not talking your average two-kids-one-room bunk set, but raised beds that can fit desks, dressers, bookshelves, sofas, and chairs underneath, fitting all your bedroom building blocks into one small space. Continue reading

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Smell Your Way To A Better Mood: How Aromatherapy Can Help YOU!

What is Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is the ancient (and modern!) practice of using certain scents, usually essential oils, to make your body and mind react in certain ways – from energizing to relieving stress and tension headaches, the right smells can really turn your day around – or even help you wind down and sleep at night! Continue reading

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Black And White And Rad All Over: Designing A Sleek, Modern Room In Just Two Colors

If you’re looking for a way to copycat some of the hottest modern room designs, this is the article for you. I’ve found tons of matches and look-alikes to help you build your very own black and white bedroom with less expensive, professional quality items. Continue reading

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Somewhere To Stuff Your Stuff: Closet Storage Solutions

Got too much stuff and not enough space to store it? We’ve got bedroom storage solutions for you! From closet organizers to storage beds, we’re here to help you figure out how to best maximize your space and minimize clutter and get your closet organized. Continue reading

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Hot Pink Bedrooms, Not for Sleep

If you’re shy about going for a pink room, these inspiration rooms and pink room ideas will change your mind. Sure, they’re girly, but don’t people like girly? What about romantic? Continue reading

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