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Seven Low Cost Weekend Projects To Easily (And Inexpensively) Update Any Kitchen

Kitchen remodels can be especially expensive and invasive, but if you don’t have the dough for a new granite countertop, or you’re not ready to commit to cooking your eggs on a camp stove for the next month, give these seven weekend projects a try. For a few hours of your time (or at most a few days) and a couple hundred dollars, these small updates will give your kitchen a major facelift. Continue reading

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Sick Of Paying To Power Your Holiday Lights? Try Solar Ones Instead

If last year’s holiday electric bills threatened to turn you into a Scrooge, consider switching to solar instead of skipping the season. They’re reasonably priced, easy to install, totally free to maintain, and just as beautiful as last year’s setup! Continue reading

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If You Can’t Take The Heat, Get A Pressure Cooker!

Finding yourself in a crunch when dinnertime rolls around? Sick of your microwave being the only quick-cooker in your kitchen? It might be time to get a pressure cooker – the most versatile pot you’ll ever own, that can make stock, braise meats, or prepare whole meals in mere minutes. Continue reading

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Festive And Functional Ways To Warm Up Your Home For Fall

As the winter chill starts to seep in, you want to keep your home from becoming inhospitable. With just a few simple decorative fixes, you can keep the heat in, the cold out, and get your home a little more homey for the holiday season. Continue reading

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Make Your Appliances Work Better, Longer – Simple Maintenance Tips To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Appliances

Some of the biggest expenses your home will incur always come back to major appliances. But how well you care for those big machines makes a big difference in their life span. If you take a little extra time to care for and maintain your appliances, you can greatly extend their useful life, energy efficiency, and even help improve their performance. Continue reading

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Seven Easy, Eco-Friendly Changes That Can Save You Serious Money

Going green and saving money go hand in hand – there are tons of quick, easy changes you can make around your home that will be gentle on your wallet as well as mother earth. Even if you aren’t looking to play Captain Planet, these easy swaps can save you some serious cash. Continue reading

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Six DIY Fall Home Maintenance Projects You Shouldn’t Skip

The whole fall season is an important one for home maintenance. A lot of jobs around the house need to be done annually, and are important to get done before winter hits. Here are just a few you can do without hiring a professional, that can keep your house in great shape and even lower your utility costs and long term expenses. Continue reading

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Money’s Tight So Make It Last: How To Make Sure You’re Getting The Best Product For The Lowest Price

It’s way too easy to spend too much money for something sub-par. Especially with money tight on all fronts, you want to make sure you spend smart, especially on big-ticket items. I’ve got six tips to keep you from getting tricked into over-paying, and to make sure you get the best quality item for the lowest price. Continue reading

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Solar Powered Landscape Lighting: A Better Way To Brighten Your Back Yard

Landscape lighting is expensive, and can be a huge pain in your wallet to install. But having the right lights on your home can do wonders for its exterior ambiance, and is great for back yard entertaining. So what’s a budget conscious homeowner to do? Consider solar landscape lighting as an alternative (or an improvement!) – easy to install and cost-free to maintain, solar powered outdoor lights are the answer to your budget woes – and will light up your stay-at-home nights. Continue reading

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Keep Your Back Yard Safe And Save A Buck Doing It: Why To Choose Solar Path Lighting

Having adequate lighting in your back yard not only enhances the appearance of your home and the ambiance of your patio, but is essential to keeping you and your family and guests safe. But installing solar path lighting rather than a traditional electric lights can save you a ton of money in the short and long run, for a lot of reasons, delivering the same result with a lot less hassle. Continue reading

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