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Seven Low Cost Weekend Projects To Easily (And Inexpensively) Update Any Kitchen

Kitchen remodels can be especially expensive and invasive, but if you don’t have the dough for a new granite countertop, or you’re not ready to commit to cooking your eggs on a camp stove for the next month, give these seven weekend projects a try. For a few hours of your time (or at most a few days) and a couple hundred dollars, these small updates will give your kitchen a major facelift. Continue reading

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Fast And Easy Late Fall Decorations To Celebrate The Season

As we gradually approach winter, decorating can be a little stressful – it’s hard to know when to swap from harvest to holiday without having to completely redo your decor. These five versatile crafts will help smooth the transition and keep your home looking festive all the way through to the New Year Continue reading

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No Space For A Bar Set? No Problem! How To Fit A Fully Functioning Bar In Less Space Than A Dresser

Every entertainer dreams of having just a little more room – but if you really want a home bar set and simply don’t have the space, a bar cabinet or steam trunk style bar setup is a great way to get the drinks flowing while still leaving plenty of room for your guests to mingle! Continue reading

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A Few Quick Tips To Make Your Small Space More Livable

Sometimes the small spaces in your home can seem hopeless: that one small room or cramped corner you just don’t know what to do with. But there are plenty of ways to visually expand your space without knocking out any walls. With just a few easy tweaks, you’ll find that “cozy” doesn’t have to be a euphemism. Continue reading

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Festive And Functional Ways To Warm Up Your Home For Fall

As the winter chill starts to seep in, you want to keep your home from becoming inhospitable. With just a few simple decorative fixes, you can keep the heat in, the cold out, and get your home a little more homey for the holiday season. Continue reading

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Tuck In For A Long Winter’s Nap: Bedding To Give Your Room That Fall Feeling

When I start to feel the autumn chill in the air, I reach for my favorite set of flannel sheets. But upgrading to a warmer material isn’t the only thing you can do to prep your bedroom for the holiday season. A new bedspread and pillow set in some warm, harvest colors can really set the mood for your long winter’s nap. Continue reading

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How To Carve The Perfect Pumpkin And Keep It Looking Great Straight Through Halloween

When October rolls around, it’s time to hit the pumpkin patch, pick your pumpkin, clean it, prep it, and carve it. This year, whether you use a pumpkin kit, a magic marker, or freehand it, make sure you do it right to make your work of art last all the way to All Saints. Continue reading

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Light Up The Night (And Your Back Yard) With Whimsical Solar Statues

Full blown landscape lighting looks great, and can even increase the value of your home, but with high installation and maintenance costs, traditional outdoor lighting might not be your best option. Instead, solar lights – especially those installed into small garden statues – can go a long way to lighting your garden, as well as adding a delightful touch of whimsy, at a mere fraction of the startup cost, and without any maintenance expenses at all. Plus, they’re adorable! Continue reading

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Five Fast Facelifts To Keep Your Home Looking Fresh Between Remodels

No money to remodel? No problem! Not every home improvement has to be a huge investment. In fact, some of the best and easiest changes you can make to keep your home looking like new are small ones – and we can help you figure out how to weather the tide until your next home improvement windfall! Continue reading

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A Room Without A View: Choosing A Faux Window

Short of a sledge hammer and some big bucks, it’s pretty hard to fix the problem of a room with no windows or low light. A faux window can provide a little bit of brightness and an extra view. One with a mirrored background can add depth to a small room as well, and one with a daylight balanced LCD or florescent backlight can even help treat seasonal affective disorder. Continue reading

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