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Perk Up Your Patio…It Pays Off!

Whether you’re looking to make your house a little more salable, or just put the finishing touches on your dream home, renovating your patio area can really revitalize your back yard and deck area and make a great space to socialize or just get a little R&R, while also increasing the value of your home. Continue reading

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Carry Your Camera Incognito: Discreet Camera Cases

If you’re looking for a good way to carry your camera without advertising your new DSLR and thousand dollar lens to the whole world, think about buying an incognito camera bag. These camera cases look like anything from designer purses to backpacks or side satchels, with all the built in protection of a standard camera case, but WITHOUT letting everyone know what it is that you’re carrying. Continue reading

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Don’t Get Burned! Pick The Right Sunscreen

Everyone knows it’s important to wear sun block, but the when and the what and the how much can be confusing. We’ll help you decode what you need to know about SPF, UVA, and UVB, to pick the right sunscreen you need to make sure that you’re protected. Continue reading

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Stop Those Buggers Where They Stand! A Guide to The Best Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito season is here, and we’ve got a list of the best bug sprays to turn you from bloodsucker smorgasbord to temporarily invisible. From DEET sprays to organic, all-natural insect repellants, we can match a mosquito repellant to the amount of time you intend to spend outside, activity levels, and can even help you find one that’s chemical free and safe for your kids. Continue reading

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Row Row Row Your… Very Own Kayak Or Canoe

If you’re a summer canoe renter, or a water sports enthusiast looking to turn boating into more than just a passing hobby, you might want to consider buying a canoe or a kayak. Both are great either solo or for a couple, but when deciding, you want to keep a few important things in mind: What material, size, and shape you want based on where and how far you think you’ll be traveling in it – and we can help you find the best canoe or kayak for your needs. Continue reading

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Get Your Hammock On

Whether you’re looking for a centerpiece for a tropical themed room, a great addition to your yard, or a way to swap out some of your camping gear in the summer, a hammock might be your answer. From traditional rope hammocks to bright and colorful barbados hammocks to no-see-um camping hammocks, the freedom to sleep swinging between some trees (or a really nice hammock stand) can bring a little tropical vacation to your every day. Continue reading

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Stake Your Claim: Picking The Right Tent For Your Camping Trip

If you’re looking to buy a tent, there are a few things you should look for before you buy. Make sure your tent is built for the right season, and if you’re planning on camping anywhere it might rain, look for a solid rainfly and a bathtub floor for your tent. DAC aluminum poles make a big difference in pack weight – but size will be your biggest deciding factor in how many people you can make carry how much tent how far! Continue reading

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Beginning Camper’s Camping Supply Checklist

Planning on going off the grid, or even just spending a little family time camping in the back yard? Whether you’re a back yard crusader or a modern mountain man, here’s a camping check list of the top things you’d do best to remember before blazing your trail and pitching your tent. Continue reading

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Get Your Grill On: Ten Tools To Maximize Your Grill Skills

Got a grill? Here are the top ten grill gadgets you need to cook better, cook easier, and cook safer. When it comes to grill season, pays to accessorize – whether you’re looking for a better way to start your charcoal or want pinpoint precision when it comes to testing the doneness of your steak, I’ve got what your grill needs Continue reading

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From Balconies To Back Yard Bashes, A Complete Buyer’s Guide to Grills

Has the first day of summer given you grill anxiety? Put your worries to rest, and find the best charcoal or propane grill for your summer grilling needs with this simple guide. Everything from tabletop grills to back yard centerpieces, we’ve got what you need to find the right fit for your summer feasting. Continue reading

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