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Six Types Of Toys Every Cat Should Have

Keeping a cat amused can be harder than you might think. While some felines are easy to please and very self sufficient, highly intelligent cats lose interest easily and can be difficult to keep entertained. These six types of cat toys can help solve your problem – whether you’re away from home a lot and need toys your cat will enjoy in your absence, or if you’re more the type to play until you think your arm might fall off. Continue reading

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Got Cat Litter Problems? Not Anymore!

Fed up with cat box odors? These five innovative new litter boxes can keep your home smelling sweeter, and can can even eliminate trackable sandy litter all together! Continue reading

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Alessi What We Can Do To Add Some Spunk To Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for a cute accent piece for your kitchen, look no farther than Alessi, an Italian designer of kitchenwares that has a knack for putting adorable faces on surprisingly functional kitchen gear – they have a host of kitchen accessories, cutely designed little buddies that can really help speed up your morning routine. Continue reading

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Best Vacuums – They Really Suck!

When shopping for a new vacuum cleaner, either for a new space or to replace an old one, it’s important to consider what type of vacuum best suits your needs. Whether it’s pet hair or a lot of stairs, design type matters almost as much as the quality of the vacuum itself – a bagless upright for easy emptying, a stick vacuum for easy storage, or a canister vacuum for lots and lots of stairs. Continue reading

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All For the Birds! Most Attractive Bird Feeders, Bird Baths, and Bird Houses

Use bird feeders, bird baths, and bird houses to attract more of those colorful and musical birds to your backyard. Pick which birds you want to watch (that frequent your area), and target your birdseed to getting those stunning cardinals or cutie chickadees (or not getting noisy jays). Continue reading

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There Are No Troubles Like Cat Litter Training Troubles, So Clean ‘Em Up!

If your cat isn’t using its litter box properly, we have the solution. You can change your behaviors, change your cat litter, get a more awesome litter box, or train your cat to use the toilet. Whatever you pick, we’ll help you through it. Continue reading

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How to Use Cat Trees and Scratching Posts to Give Your Furniture a Break

Since you can’t put your cat in the doghouse (that’s just confusing) change unwanted cat behavior like scratching, without neglecting cat health! Cat trees, scratching posts, and these tips can save you a lot of frustration…and shredded couch cushions. Continue reading

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