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Seven Easy, Eco-Friendly Changes That Can Save You Serious Money

Going green and saving money go hand in hand – there are tons of quick, easy changes you can make around your home that will be gentle on your wallet as well as mother earth. Even if you aren’t looking to play Captain Planet, these easy swaps can save you some serious cash. Continue reading

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Energy Star Appliances – Save The Planet, Save Your Pocketbook

Have an appliance about to breathe it’s last, or just sick of your old washer and dryer? Investing in an Energy Star appliance – even if the ticket price seems a little high – can add up to big long-term savings, both for the environment and for your pocketbook! Continue reading

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WaterSense Water Fixtures Offer Ways to Conserve Water With Everyday Washing

Adding WaterSense water fixtures offer clear ways to conserve water and reduce energy bills. Look no further for how to save water. Continue reading

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Tips to Track Down the Best Toilet, without Getting Overwhelmed

If you’re in the market, you don’t just want a new toilet, you want to know the best toilets. Well, the best is relative and this post will help you figure out what you want to look for when buying a toilet. Continue reading

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Drink Well from the Well with the Right Water Filter

To pick the best water filter, you need to have your drinking water tested. Then, choose a filter that can reduce the specific problems in your water, fit in the space you need it to, work as fast as it has to, and cost what you’re willing to spend. Compare the pros and cons of sediment filters, distillers, activated charcoal filters, and reverse osmosis water filtration devices. Continue reading

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Fabulous Faucets and Spectacular Spigots

Fabulous Faucets and Spectacular Spigots. Read about the latest in faucet design, from the basin mixer to the kitchen sink. Continue reading

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Please, Please, Anything but Laundry

Doing laundry can be lots of fun, and new technologies will help you save water as well! Continue reading

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Creative, Modern, even Futuristic Kitchen Appliances

You spend enough time in the kitchen. Find your Holy Grail of kitchen appliances and enjoy that time. The right piece is out there. The Quadrio four-door refrigerator sounds like a luxury car for a reason. For once, you won’t have … Continue reading

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Hygroelectricity a New Form of Renewable Energy?

Hygroelectricty, or electricty derived from humidity, could be a new source of renewable energy in the future. Continue reading

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Water Conservation, While You Shower

There are plenty of ways to save water in the shower without making it a group shower. You can rescue our planet’s water and also rescue your wallet when your utilities bill arrives. You might consider some cute water saving … Continue reading

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