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Add A Little Privacy And Pizazz To Your Room: How To Dress Your Door!

If you have a door with a window in it – a fancy front door, a french door, or a sliding glass door – that gets a little too much light, or faces some prying neighbors, it’s understandable that you might want to cover them up a little. But unlike windows, doors with glass panes are a little harder to shop for. In this article, we’ll help you weigh your options for each type of door, and find a set of curtains or shades that will keep your door usable and your room looking fabulous. Continue reading

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Window To The World: Stylish Shades

If you’re looking to find a new window treatment for your room, and you like the look of curtains and the convenience of blinds, you might want to consider shades – cloth shades retain the thick cloth look of curtains, while wood or woven shades create a great tropical look, and honeycomb or cellular shades can help boost the energy efficiency and insulation of your home – and all shades raise and lower with the pull of a string or a handle! Continue reading

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Window To The World: Buy Better Blinds!

Blinds are a great alternative to curtains and other window dressings. And while I admit I’ve had a lot of bad ones, nice blinds offer a better range of and more easily adjustible levels of light and privacy than curtains or drapes, and don’t tangle or slant like the cheap kind you might find pre-installed in an unfortunate apartment or dorm room. Continue reading

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Window To The World: Classy Curtains And Dressy Drapes

When choosing a window dressing, there are three important factors to consider: the look, the light, and the privacy. Curtains and drapes come in a wide variety of styles to meet the needs of any room in your house – from a country kitchen to a late sleeper’s lair, we can help you pick the best curtains to put the finishing (functional!) touches on your decor. Continue reading

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Skylight and Sun Tunnel Benefits

There was a time when my family and I treasured our wood-burning stove. The gray winter days evolved into cozy nights sitting by the wood-burning stove. But these fixtures aren’t exactly environmentally friendly, so we decided to get rid of it. So what did we put in its place? Continue reading

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Tubular Skylight as an Alternative Lighting Fixture for your Home!

The tubular skylight is an innovative way to bring natural light into your home and save electricity. Continue reading

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How to Unstick Painted Shut Windows

Tips for unsticking painted shut windows. Continue reading

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