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Back To School: Easing Into Elementary

Most of back to school shopping is pretty easy: pens, papers, notebooks, drudgery. But elementary school kids get all the fun – from a pre-fraction world to fingerpaints. But with a truck load of art supplies available, which ones should you pick and which ones should you pass on for your Grade Schooler’s back to school list? Continue reading

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Back To School: Stock Up For High School

It’s back to school season, but if you’d rather skip the stampede of your local sales, hit up the internet for your high schooler’s new supplies. Whatever you need, from pens and paper to a new backpack, we can help you survive the back to school rush, and save money while you’re doing it. Continue reading

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Back To School: Day One Dorm Survival Kit

Prepping for your first day of college doesn’t just mean pens and pencils. For most people, moving into a dorm is like starting a whole new life, and from blankets to bathmats to beanbags, we’re here to make sure you don’t forget anything you’ll need to turn those new four walls into a home. We can’t do much about your roommate though! Continue reading

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Back To School: College Starter Kit

If you or your kid is heading into his or her first year of college, you might not know exactly what you are or aren’t going to need. This list is to help separate the elementary necessities from the collegiate bonus items, to make sure you bring everything you need and nothing you don’t. Continue reading

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