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Holiday and Christmas Wreaths to Make…Your House have Holiday Spirit

Learn how to make Christmas wreaths or where to find the perfect holiday wreaths to put up as easy, cheery holiday decorations. Continue reading

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DIY Unique Christmas Trees

Unique Christmas trees come in all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. These tutorials and idea gallery will show you how to make a Christmas tree out of almost anything else in your home. Get out some glue and your holiday spirit! Continue reading

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Sleek and Plush Animal Furniture: for a Modern Home, not the Barn

Animal furniture is the best possible way to make a typical house into a menagerie, without it getting dirty or smelling funny. Get some bird lamps, turtle ottomans, or even a bird bed. Continue reading

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More than Cornucopias and Traced Hand Turkeys: Thanksgiving Table Setting Crafts

Thanksgiving table settings tend to all look the safe. These Thanksgiving crafts for kids and big kids all put a spin on the usual candle and cornucopia. Little touches can really accent your main dishes and personalize what you’re thankful for. Continue reading

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Accent Walls: Start with Paint or Let Loose

Accent walls are an easy way to make a room stare-worthy. Paint, wallpaper, murals, wood, stone, and creative 3D materials all make great materials for accent walls. Continue reading

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Green Furniture with Grass Surfaces

Grass furniture to brighten up the home. Continue reading

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Get Crafty for 2010′s Halloween Celebration

Halloween night is an adventure for all ages. It mixes aspects of Carnivale with the celebration of horror. The role-playing on this thrilling night makes it most people’s favorite holiday in America. We can hide our faces, pretend we’re somebody … Continue reading

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