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The Best Major Appliances and Lighting for French Country Kitchens and More

The final installment of my French Country design series finishes big with major appliances and lighting. Just try to remodel your kitchen without these. Or, actually, don’t. For more on what a French Country kitchen looks like and has in it, see the three other recent posts. Continue reading

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The French Country Kitchen Shopping Guide Gets you Mosaic Tile, Granite Countertops, and Flooring

The shopping guide for French Country kitchen design never ends. This is like Build a Bear, only with kitchen backsplashes, countertops, and flooring. The kids’ll love that, right? Seriously, it’s a lovely style and only you can give it the attention it craves. Continue reading

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Sinks and Faucets Shopping Guide, Perfect for French Country Kitchen Design

Any kitchen design has to take into account the sinks and fixtures, but they are especially important in setting the look for French Country design. To see what these sinks and faucets would look like in a French Country kitchen, see the design overview posted yesterday. And stay tuned for more shopping guides to help you remodel for this style! Continue reading

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Emulate the Elegant Old World Charm of a French Country Kitchen

If you can’t go to the French countryside, or even if you can, bring the French Country design to your kitchen. Old World kitchen design is cozy and lovely, and it lets you get away with exposed beams and distressed cabinets. All without a passport. Continue reading

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