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Make Your Halloween Party A Scream… In Less Time Than You Think!

Looking to throw a last minute Halloween party? Whether you’re the type for a quiet night in or a party that even the cops might be tempted to join, it’s easy to add a little scare to your home and make your evening really spooktacular. Continue reading

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Great Decorations To Haunt Your House Just In Time For Halloween

Even if Halloween has caught you by surprise, it doesn’t mean it’s too late to decorate. If you’ve got an afternoon, it’s easy to put a little creep in your crypt, and with the right decorations your home will be downright haunted – and just in time for the trick or treaters. Continue reading

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No Pumpkin? No Problem! How To Get Off Gourd Free And Decorate With Longer Lasting (Faux) Jack-O-Lanterns

Sometimes a good old pumpkin isn’t enough. Whether you’re an apartment dweller without a place to put a jack-o-lantern or just in need of more Halloween decorations, there are lots of faux-pumpkins out there that look great and can shed a little light on your porch or party in place of (or in addition to!) the real thing. Continue reading

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Stylish No Carving Pumpkins and Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas with No Faces

Halloween pumpkins aren’t, or shouldn’t be, just for carving faces on. These pumpkin carving ideas and no carving pumpkin ideas make unique seasonal accents. Continue reading

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Unique Halloween Party Decorations: Chic Holiday Table Settings for Every Taste

Get inspired by unique Halloween table settings and chic Halloween party decorations. Asian, country, Gothic, vintage, and modern styles. Continue reading

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Funny Halloween Costumes that Prove People Really Love their Appliances

There are all kinds of funny Halloween costumes, even household appliances and fixtures. Buy or try making homemade Halloween costumes that are sure to get a laugh. Continue reading

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A Full Menu of Creepy Delicious Halloween Recipes: Halloween Food for Everyone but the Squeamish

Halloween recipes for spooky appetizers, scary main dishes, and creepy delicious Halloween desserts. Everything from Jello brains to shrunken head apple cider. Continue reading

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Spooky Halloween Decorations to Haunt your House, Simple DIY and Just Buy

Easy, last-minute Halloween decorations and Halloween props to make your house into a haunted house. Ideas for climbing skeletons, a graveyard and gravestones, eerie windows, spooky portraits, and dismembered body parts. Continue reading

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Get Crafty for 2010′s Halloween Celebration

Halloween night is an adventure for all ages. It mixes aspects of Carnivale with the celebration of horror. The role-playing on this thrilling night makes it most people’s favorite holiday in America. We can hide our faces, pretend we’re somebody … Continue reading

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