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Sick Of “Non Stick”? Why You Should Give Silicone A Chance

Tired of food sticking in your baking dishes, or just trying to find some more convenient cookware? Silicone might be your answer – flexible, light-weight, heat-proof, non-stick, and available in a rainbow of colors, silicone bakewear and utensils are hugely popular, and for a good reason. If you’ve never heard of it, or are nervous about making the switch, these are six things you need to know that might change your mind. Continue reading

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Alessi What We Can Do To Add Some Spunk To Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for a cute accent piece for your kitchen, look no farther than Alessi, an Italian designer of kitchenwares that has a knack for putting adorable faces on surprisingly functional kitchen gear – they have a host of kitchen accessories, cutely designed little buddies that can really help speed up your morning routine. Continue reading

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Alessi What We Can Do To Make Your Kitchen A Little More Modern

The Italian design company, Alessi, has a great selection of appliances and kitchen accessories to help you flesh out a fantastic modern kitchen – from toasters to sugar bowls, their products come in sleek brushed steel and chrome plating, with simple, elegant lines that are minimal and beautiful without much ornamentation. Continue reading

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