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Fun (Without!) The Sun: Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Whether you choose an open fire pit, a closed chiminea stove style fireplace, or a traditional fireplace for the out-of-doors, a new fireplace can really light up the night, allowing for longer, later backyard fetes and a longer season to spend outside. And since models are available in natural gas, gas gel, and wood burning varieties, no matter your preference or your available space size, it isn’t hard to fit a new outdoor fireplace to the size and space you have available, or your existing decor. Continue reading

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Whimsical Landscape Lighting Decor to Step into a Fairytale

Landscape lighting is a good, practical idea so you don’t trip over anything. But it’s also a chance to decorate with wild abandon, because with outdoor living spaces, it’s supposed to be a magical escape. These lamps offer the landscape lighting you need and the whimsy that’ll get you out there to enjoy it. Continue reading

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Look into Outdoor Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be made of plastic or wicker. Outdoor chandeliers, sconces, and lanterns have as much sophistication as any lamps you may have inherited from your grandparents. Here are some of the finest outdoor lighting options. Continue reading

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