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Toaster Ovens: The Modern Hearth in Miniature

With a great selection of toasters, microwaves, and standard ovens at our disposal today, it’s easy to overlook the conveniences offered by the humble toaster oven. A good model can do so much more than toast great bread though. If space is at a premium or you just wish you had another half an oven on the holidays, one of these great toaster ovens may be everything you could ask for. Continue reading

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The Perfect Toaster for Perfect Toast

As with every other appliance on the market today, buying a toaster is no longer a simple affair. Today’s options offer everything from special bagel settings to digital countdowns, and they can even mark your bread with your favorite team’s logo. If you’re on the market for a toaster or you’re just sick of uneven browning, here’s everything you need to find the perfect toaster. Continue reading

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