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Want To Make Sure She Has A Happy Valentine’s Day? Here’s What NOT To Get (And What To Do Instead)

Have a bad habit of turning out the worst Valentine’s Day gifts year after year? These unlucky 7 gift ideas are popular with well meaning men, but are sure to miss the mark every time. If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her, this list will tell you what not to do – and what to do instead! Continue reading

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Happy Singles Awareness Day – Or, How To Throw A Killer Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Scorned? Spurned? Alone and sick of Singles Awareness Day reminding you about it? Well, while the couples of the world are wining, dining, and making kissy faces at each other, instead of throwing yourself a pity party, make it an Anti Valentine’s Day party and invite all your single friends. You’ll have a lot more fun, spend a lot less time sulking, and maybe vent a little frustration while you’re at it. Continue reading

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Great Valentines Day Dates For A Fun, Flirty Time On A Budget

Looking for a Valentine’s Day date that won’t break the bank? These fun and intimate date ideas will make you (and your valentine!) glad you were on a budget this year. Continue reading

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Gourmet Treats To Satisfy Your Valentine’s Sweet Tooth

If you’ve got a Valentine with a sweet tooth, but want to get a gift a little outside the box-of-chocolates, mail-order artisinal treats might just be the memorable Valentine’s day gift you’re looking for. From popular cupcakes and macarons to gourmet twists on old Valentine’s day staples, we’ve got just the gift to earn you that genuine happy-surprise face from your valentine. Continue reading

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Bad Valentines Decorations, Worst Valentines Plans, and Anti Valentines Day Gift Ideas

It’s easy to get carried away when making Valentines plans. So do yourself a favor: read this first and make sure your Valentines Day plans and Valentines Day gift ideas aren’t going to earn you a year or more of regret. You should only do anything on this list if you’re strongly Anti Valentines Day and want to show people when they’re going overboard on the love boat. Continue reading

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