Artisan Sinks and Faucets for Kitchen and Bathroom
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Artisan Sinks and Faucets for Kitchen and Bathroom

Artisan Sinks and Faucets for Kitchen and Bathroom

Artisan is a relatively new name on the kitchen and bathroom scene. Founded only in 2002, they´ve nevertheless managed to cement their place as providers of stylish, premium quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures at an affordable price. Their collections primarily feature 16 gauge stainless steel and handcrafted copper sinks, along with a full line of matching fixtures and accessories to keep your counter space uncluttered, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

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Artisan Copper Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Fixtures by Artisan

Artisan´s kitchen collection is the perfect example of their desire to blend style and functionality. Their gorgeous handcrafted copper sinks and stylish modern steel ones would be the prize of any countertop on their own, but combined with their line of delightfully stylish faucets and an impressive collection of accessories, Artisan offers everything you need not only to make a beautiful kitchen, but to use it, too.

Single Bowl Sinks

Artisan has a beautiful collection of steel and handcrafted copper sinks. Many of them are rather simple in design - square or rectangular or with gentle elegant curves. But the real standouts in their single bowl category are their apron sinks; the steel ones are thick, solid, and polished to a mirror sheen, and the copper ones have an extraordinary level of detail, and would make an excellent addition to a modern or country style kitchen, respectively.

Double Bowl Artisan Kitchen Sink

Double Bowl Sinks

Artisan´s double bowled, 16 gauge stainless steel sinks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with bowls on either side available in different lengths, widths, and depths. Though their collection isn´t as expansive as some, you can easily find a stylish sink with the proportions that best fit your kitchen needs - whether that´s one huge sink and a little tiny one, two of exactly the same size, or somewhere in between.

Artisan Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucets

Artisan´s collection of kitchen faucets is relatively limited, but even among their small line there´s a huge degree of variety, including vintage country style faucets, minimal, modern fixtures, as well as a full range of sleek contemporary designs. Many of the faucets feature integrated pull out spray nozzles or add on sink sprayers to make cleanup easy, and the bulk of the line has innovatively integrated volume controls that give the faucets unique, elegant silhouettes.

Sink Grids

These metal grids sit inside your Artisan sink, sized to fit the bowl exactly and protect the bottom from scraping and scratching. The small rubber feet keep the grid itself from damaging your finish, allowing you to scrub pots and pans without leaving nasty marks. You´ll never have to be afraid to put knives in your sink or leave greens or peels sitting while you cook, because the grid will keep them from ever touching the actual surface of the sink. These are especially nice for known butterfingers - the wire mesh will absorb the impact of anything you drop into the sink and significantly reduces the risk of chipping.

Sink Strainers

Artisan also offers replacement sink strainers and drain stoppers for their entire line of kitchen sinks, just in case your included one gets damaged or misplaced.

Artisan Promise

Though the company is barely a decade old, they´re dedicated to providing high quality, durable, long lasting products to customers. Their steel sinks are made of only thick, durable, corrosion resistant 16 gauge steel, and their copper sinks are each hand crafted to ensure a flawless, designer quality every time. As well, their faucets come with a proprietary V-Therm Shield which keeps them both quiet and heat proof, so you can enjoy your faucets without having to listen to them.

Artisan Style

Artisan is dedicated to providing designer fixtures at rack prices, and do so by keeping their selection small but diverse. Specializing in copper and stainless steel sinks, their larger fixtures provide a baseline luxury that the rest of their collection builds upon. Their limited collection of faucets come in a huge range of styles and are designed to give their sinks a vintage, contemporary, or modern flair.

Bathtroom Fixtures by Artisan

In less than a decade, Artisan has established itself as a top name in luxury bathroom fixtures. Though their entire bathroom collection is continually expanding, their current selection is modest in size, reasonable in price, and utterly breathtaking in appearance. Their handcrafted copper vessel sinks alone cement Artisan as a high end designer, but they emphasize function as well as style, and round out the line with a whole slew of accessories to make their sinks usable as well as beautiful.

Artisan Bathroom Faucet

Bathroom Faucets

Artisan has a fairly limited line of bathroom faucets, but they come in two types to match their two kinds of sinks: tall, modern style faucets that pair well with their copper vessel sinks, and more traditional contemporary lavatory faucets that sit lower and are designed to work with their more conventional vitreous china sinks.

Artisan Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Vanity Sinks

The prize of Artisan´s bathroom line is easily their collection of handcrafted copper vessel sinks. These beautiful, intricately designed sinks sit directly on top of your counter and look more like a piece of art than a place to wash your hands. These are the ultimate eye catchers, and add an amazing one-of-a-kind style to any bathroom remodel. Artisan has a few vitreous china sinks as well, including inexpensive, easy to install drop-in sinks that are great for a quick DIY project, but for something really breathtaking? Stick with the copper.

Soap Dispensers

Tired of countertop clutter or ugly plastic soap bottles? Artisan eliminates both with soap dispensers you can instal directly into your sink or vanity. Just fill the plastic bottle with your favorite liquid soap and attach it to a little metal pump through a pre-drilled hole in your counter. Screw it tight, and you´ve instantly got a sleek metal fixture that matches your faucet, keeping your sink area coordinated and uncluttered.

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