Ceramica Tecla Wall Mounted Bathroom Lavatory Sinks
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Ceramica Tecla - Wall Mount Lavatory Sinks

Ceramica Tecla - Wall Mount Lavatory Sinks

Ceramica Tecla is a small, family owned Italian company that specializes in fine fire clay bathroom sinks and washbasins. With a focus on simple, modern elegance and a unique personal touch, Ceramica Tecla combines the height of Italian design with a core of Italian family hospitality.

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Ceramica Tecla - Wall Mount Lavatory Sinks

Family Owned Quality

Founded in 1997, Ceramica Tecla has grown rapidly in the last decades, but has remained true to its dedication to customer service and quality care. And despite its growth, the company still has only just over 40 employees and a single Italy-based manufacturing plant. Far from a big global phenomenon, Ceramica Tecla focuses on artisan craftsmanship and limited production to ensure the highest degree of quality at all stages of production.

Ceramica Tecla - Wall Mount Lavatory Sinks

Small Size, Big Potential

Ceramica Tecla's small size allows them a great degree of freedom that larger companies simply don't have. Not only are they able to quickly adapt their production to changing trends, which keeps them on the cutting edge of the market, but they're also able to respond more directly and immediately to their customers. Because Ceramica Tecla maintains such a close relationship with their buyers, they can adapt to their customer's needs, and continue to develop their product lines accordingly, which makes for a supremely progressive aesthetic throughout their product lines.

Ceramica Tecla - Wall Mount Lavatory Sinks

Simplicity and Creativity

Simplicity and Creativity is not only Ceramica Tecla's motto, but is representative of their aesthetic. All their wall mounted sinks and washbasins are made of white fireclay, often in simple geometric shapes. But rather than being just your ordinary square sink, Ceramica Tesla's sinks are elegant in their simplicity, employing subtle design techniques - like offset faucets, layers of contrasting shapes, or even just artistic edging – that make their ostensibly unadorned sinks eye catching and aesthetically pleasing.

Harmony from Minimalism

An extension of Ceramica Tecla's motto, the unifying characteristic of their bathroom sinks is a use of minimal lines and understated design to create a visual harmony. A quick glance at their collections reveals a nearly Zen aesthetic, where simple, clean shapes interact to create something that's far beyond utilitarian. Ceramica Tecla cultivates this soothing, oddly peaceful aesthetic, continually producing new designs and collections to offer a wide range of simple, minimal yet harmonic bathroom fixtures.

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