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Brand: Fresca

Brand: Fresca

Brand: Fresca

Brand: Fresca

Brand: Fresca
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Bathroom toilets, a rather unspectacular bathroom fixture, is nonetheless an important one to get right. While certainly pay attention to the aesthetic qualities and design of the toilet as you shop, make sure, too, that it will effectively dispose of waste. Here are some things to keep in mind as you shop for toilets. Traditional toilets come in two pieces - the bowl and the tank - and you can also find a one-piece toilet. Functionality between the two isn't necessarily better or worse, but the one-piece toilets tend to have a lower profile and are easier to keep clean, since they do not have any seams where dirt could become ingrained. In addition, there are several flushing systems to pick from. A dual flush toilet uses less water for liquid waste and a full tank for solid waste, a macerating toilet chops up waste before flushing it under pressure, and a pressure assist toilet adds water pressure from supply lines to give each flush a little extra umph.
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