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Zuo Modern Furniture

Zuo - Contemporary Furniture

Zuo is a rapidly expanding manufacturer of modern furniture with a strong emphasis on style. Their goal is simple: to make fun, cool-looking furniture readily available and reasonably priced. From a huge variety of office chairs to customizable outdoor furniture and everything in between, their furniture is both fashion forward and down to earth, more playful than show-room, but sufficiently sophisticated for even the most refined tastes.

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Zuo Furniture

Cultured And Compact Furniture

Zuo’s furniture really shines in smaller spaces, with a focus on compact European design that makes a pretty nice fit with American loft or apartment living. Their selection of bistro-inspired tables and chairs is peerless, with tall tables great for two, tons of flexible bar furniture for kitchen bars or islands, and even compact four seater dining tables. Zuo makes it easy to get the furniture you want to fit the space you have.

Zuo Furniture

Space Saving Designs

Of course, small is just the first step in space saving. Many of Zuo’s products go a step further, with unique, flexible designs that make them ideal for compact spaces. From futuristic, multi-function futons to coffee tables that discreetly hide four spare chairs or ottomans, many of their designs are collapsible, stackable, expandable, portable, multi-purpose, or otherwise customizable. Whether you want a table on wheels that’s easy to tuck away, outdoor furniture that takes up almost no space when not in use, or even living room sectionals you can buy by the piece to fit your specific space, Zuo offers plenty of great ways to get the added functionality of more furniture without taking up much needed space.

Zuo Furniture

Just Plain Fun

Above all, though, Zuo is about style – fun, colorful, innovative designs that keep a modern decor from feeling too stuffy. If you’ve ever fretted that a modern design is too cold, too sterile, or too minimal, Zuo offers the answer in spades, from big basket chairs to lime green computer desks. With furniture that has real personality, Zuo is the brand that dares to use the word “cool” and lives up to it, too. With things like tables and chairs that light up when you sit on them, and colorful plastic accent pieces, their furniture is fun to use. Zuo’s philosophy is more about offering stylish, casual products that people will enjoy than about touting high design. So if you want to build a modern decor you can really get the most out of, Zuo is the way to go.

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