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Jacuzzi is one of those brand names that's so ubiquitous that it's gone beyond referring to a single product and become a part of common usage. And with a whole line of luxury baths, hot tubs, and showers, it's no wonder - Jacuzzi is one of the biggest and best in the market, and is continually expanding to offer new and innovative products.

With more than half a century of experience in designing, refining, and perfecting luxury bathing technology, Jacuzzi is one of the leading manufacturers of high end bathtubs and showers. Their products range from opulent to (relatively) compact and come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, all designed to help make your bathroom breathtaking no matter the size. Many of their fixtures come equipped with Jacuzzi's time-tested hydrotherapy technology, which elevates your bath beyond a simple soak and into a decadent and revitalizing spa treatment every time you bathe.

Find Brand JACUZZI® in the following categories:
Jacuzzi Air System Tubs

Air System Tubs

Jacuzzi's air system tubs provide the gentlest experience of any Jacuzzi tub by pumping millions of tiny bubbles of heated air to targeted locations throughout the tub. This gives your water a delightful fizz and your body an all-over massage. You control the intensity with a set of electronic controls for a perfect subtle, relaxing massage every time.

Bath Tub Supplies

These bathtub skirts and aprons are designed to allow for a more flexible installation of your new Jacuzzi tub. Rather than having to build a deck for the inset tubs in their collection, these skirts act as a finishing edge all by themselves and come in the same colors and materials as the tubs themselves, giving you cleaner, sleeker design options for some of their more oddly shaped tubs.

Clawfoot Freestanding Tub Fillers

In order to be totally freestanding, clawfoot tubs require special fillers that run from a water supply line in the floor directly next to the tub and up high enough to clear the deck of the tub to fill it. These clawfoot tub fillers are designed not only to do exactly that, but also to match the aesthetic of Jacuzzi's Victorian style clawfoot and slipper tubs to complete the look of classical elegance as well as allow you to install the tub anywhere in your bathroom.

Freestanding Tub Supplies

Jacuzzi offers replacement feet for many of their freestanding tubs, as well as the opportunity to buy a secondary set in a different color for a fast and easy way to change the look of your tub.

Grab Bars

Because some of Jacuzzi's tubs can be quite deep, they offer grab bars in a wide range of finishes to make it easier to enter and exit your bath.

Jacuzzi salon spa tubs

Salon Spa Tub

Jacuzzi's Salon Spa tubs combine the intense water jets of their whirlpool technology with the gentler bubbling massage of their Pure Air tubs. The two kinds of jets mix at more than a dozen different intensity levels, ensuring that you'll get the perfect bathing experience every time, no matter who's using the tub. To complete the spa experience, these tubs also come fully equipped with RapidHeat in-line heating so you can soak as long as you want without refilling, and a full Chromatherapy system, which produces relaxing, color changing light to help soothe your mind and improve your mood.

Shower Arms And Holders

Jacuzzi's shower arms and holders are designed in different shapes and lengths so you can easily customize the level and direction of your shower head, regardless of any internal plumbing constraints.

Jacuzzi Shower Base and Shower Receptors

Shower Drains

Custom showers tend to produce a much higher volume of water than a single standard shower head, so Jacuzzi offers oversized shower drains to help ensure adequate drainage in even the most extensive shower systems.

Shower Floor

Jacuzzi's shower floors range from simple corner shower bases to large, lovely rectangular showers with integrated seating. These bases are completely self leveling, which makes them easy to install and helps prevent serious drainage problems down the line.

Jacuzzi Shower Heads

Shower Heads

All of Jacuzzi's shower heads are made with a solid brass construction and your choice of chrome or nickel plating. Their two collections feature both regular and rainfall showerheads with a wide angle of spray for a totally encompassing experience. Both types come in your choice of round or square and can easily be coordinated with other shower heads in the same collection to form the base of an excellent shower system.

Jacuzzi Shower Systems

Shower Systems

Jacuzzi's shower systems are not merely showers: At the touch of a button, they can be converted into steam baths that instantly produce a relaxing sauna-like experience. You can even program the system to turn on ahead of your scheduled shower time so you can step directly into a pre-heated shower first thing in the morning or right when you get home from work.

Soaking Bath Tubs

Jacuzzi's soaking tubs aren't what you would typically think of as "jacuzzis." They don't have any kind of jets, air or water, but are simply deep, long, high-capacity tubs designed to fit the contours of your body for a more tranquil, natural soaking experience. Because they don't require quite as much installation as more traditional jetted tubs, there are quite a few more freestanding models and sizes in this collection than any of their other tub styles.

Jacuzzi free standing soaker tub

Tub Frames And Decks

These beautiful natural wood frames can optionally be added to many of Jacuzzi's tubs to give them an elegant and striking finishing touch. Available in honey colored teak, dark brown tropical wenge wood, or unfinished white ash that can be stained to match the rest of your bathroom's woodwork. 

Tub Pillows

Jacuzzi's tub pillows are no mere inflatables. Engineered to attach directly to the deck of your Jacuzzi tub (and often in the same finish), these are solid pillows specifically designed to fit the contours of your body and support your head and neck while you bathe. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit just about any sized person or desired neck angle, and are easily interchanged if two people of very different heights use the same tub. Unlike inflatable bath pillows, these ones are resistant to gross grime buildup.

Valves and Plumbing

A few extra spare parts to help ease the installation of your new tub or shower.

Whirlpool Bathtubs

Jacuzzi invented the first hydrotherapy tub in the 1950s, and though it's spawned many imitations over the years, they're still the leading name in whirlpool technology. Dozens of jets of various sizes are strategically placed throughout each and every whirlpool tub, designed specifically to target massage tired muscles. Each jet uses a blend of air and water to provide a whole range of intensity levels, from a very light bubble to a deep tissue massage. Unlike other brands that merely circulate water, Jacuzzi whirlpools are designed specifically to fit the contours of your body and put soothing pressure exactly where it's needed, making them the pinnacle of home spa technology.

Whirlpool Trims

These metal trim rings attach directly to each of the jets in your whirlpool tub to help give your tub a finished look. Available in nickel, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze to help match the fixtures throughout your bathroom and help unify your decor.

Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Jacuzzi Style

Whether you like an intense massage while you bathe, or if you'd prefer a long, undisturbed soak in a deep tub, Jacuzzi can help build your dream bathing experience. From freestanding Victorian style tubs to ultramodern inset spa tubs, they have a huge variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, as well as features. Even their jetted tubs come in a wide range of intensities: gentle air jets that produce a light, effervescent all-over massage, water jets that offer intense, deep-tissue massages, or even salon spa style tubs, which combine the two and add in-line heating and chromatherapy for an even more luxurious spa experience. 

Even shower lovers can enjoy the benefits of Jacuzzi's half century of experience in creating unique, luxury bathroom fixtures - with a whole line of shower heads, shower system, steam baths, and even shower floors to base your whole spa shower experience around.

Jacuzzi Design

Jacuzzi tubs range from contemporary to classic, and are designed not only to fit comfortably to your body, but are also designed to fit into your bathroom. Whether you opt for a very large tub to use as a centerpiece for a bigger bathroom, or need to fit a lot of tub into a smallish space, Jacuzzi has such a huge variety that it's never hard to find one to suit your needs. But whether the tub's a big show piece, elegantly inset, or just an otherwise ordinary looking tub, their time-perfected designs are sure to provide a little R&R.

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