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Premier Copper Products - Copper Kitchen and Bath Sinks, Tubs, Accessories and more

Premier Copper Products - Copper Kitchen and Bath Sinks, Tubs, Accessories and more

Premier Copper Products manufactures and imports hand-made copper sinks, bathtubs, lighting fixtures, and accessories. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Premier Copper Products works closely with their exclusive manufacturing facilities in Mexico, employing only the best artisans to produce a consistent, beautiful, high quality finished product - only the most premier of copper products.

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Premier Copper Products

Artisan Quality Copper Fixtures

"Hand made" is a phrase manufacturers like to throw around to add a human touch to their mass-produced products. Often, it means little more than, perhaps, some hand finished detailing. But Premier Copper Products' sinks, tubs, and other accessories are made entirely by hand by their trusted and skilled artisans, so you know your fixture is truly one of a kind. That said, all of their copper products are checked first at the manufacturing facility and then again at their warehouse to ensure that you're getting a quality, consistent product as well as a uniquely beautiful one.

Quality Construction

In addition to making all their products by hand, Premier Copper Products employs a few techniques to ensure that their products are durable as well as beautiful. Hand-rolled (not machine folded) and copper welded seams and built in drainage slopes improve durability and longevity of their sinks. Special high-gauge supports – which most other brand's don't have – keep the aprons of their kitchen sinks straight and even in the face of wear and tear. And Premier Copper Products never skimps on quality to save on cost, using only extremely pure copper in all their copper products and designing them to last you a lifetime.

Premier Copper Products

Beautiful Natural Patinas

One of the greatest draws of copper sinks, tubs, and other fixtures is that they develop a beautiful natural finish, called a patina, which deepens over time. Premier Copper Products ships all their products with a heat-set starter patina that will begin to develop as soon as you start using it. Other companies have chemically treated or sealed patinas that are difficult to maintain and won't mature, but Premier Copper Products uses only the natural beauty of copper to adorn their sinks, tubs, and fixtures.

Premier Copper Products

Easy Clean, Easy Care

As with most copper fixtures, Premier Copper Products' sinks, tubs, and other fixtures require minimal care – just a simple wipe down with mild soapy water and a soft cloth, and the occasional beeswax pick-me-up. Their sinks are designed to drain easily to prevent buildup and staining, and the naturally antibacterial and antiseptic properties of copper will make any of Premier Copper's products among the cleanest in your home without any harsh cleaners, scrubbing, or really much effort at all.

Environmentally Friendly

Premier Copper Products is dedicated to the environment and to preserving the earth for generations to come. That's why they use only grade A recycled copper in all their copper products. The copper is 99.6% pure, which means there's no sacrifice in the natural antibacterial properties or the ability of the copper to develop a patina, but eliminates the need for mining raw copper. As well, because their copper fixtures are so easy to clean, they effectively eliminate the use of harsh chemical cleaners. And because copper is so durable, Premier Copper Products' sinks and tubs are meant to last you for the life of your home. Even if you decide to replace them, all of Premier Copper Products' fixtures are 100% recyclable, so there won't even be any landfill waste in disposal – though once you've seen one, you won't want to get rid of it!

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